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[New Feature] Next-Level Collaboration — Full Edit Rights


As the COVID-19 challenge continues, please know that our Timeline Genius team is here for you. And we’re determined to keep bringing you a steady stream of enriching content and positive updates!

On that note, I’m excited to announce that Timeline Genius now gives you a whole new way to collaborate with your clients and creative partners by granting them full edit rights!

So let’s say you’ve got a Type-A client, and you want to let her add new items or text sections to the timeline… Or let’s say you want to impress your hair and makeup stylists by letting them auto-generate the hair and makeup schedule… No problem! Just go to your collaborate view, and give everybody the desired access rights.

With our new and improved collaboration features, you have even more control and flexibility. You’re efficient, professional, and responsive to everybody’s unique needs.

To see a preview of the new collaboration features, just check out the video below!

We hope these new features help you feel excited about the day when our amazing industry inevitably ramps back up!

We’ve said it before, the world will celebrate again! Events will resume in time. And when they do, Timeline Genius is gonna be better than ever to help you reach new professional heights 🙂

Stay strong, Timeline Geniuses!