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WII 044: David Stark Reveals the Art of Elevated Event Planning

For the 44th episode of our Wedding Industry Insider podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing David Stark, a renowned New York-based event designer and artist who’s seen over 25 years of career success.

David is the founder of David Stark Design and Production, an acclaimed event planning firm known for its inventive approach to visual storytelling. With everything from celebrity weddings to high-profile galas under his belt, David has designed for brands like Target, SNL, and Kiehl’s, and is most known for the annual event he designs for The Robin Hood Foundation. His background in painting and his education in art allow him to bring an imaginative eye—and an undeniable element of artistry—to each event he produces.


Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 043: Michelle Loretta Gives You a Powerful System for Managing Your Company’s Finances

Do you have an effective system for managing your company’s finances? Or are you operating and making key decisions without having a firm handle on your cash flow?

If you wanna grow your company the right way — being intentional and strategic about your financial planning — then this podcast episode is for you!

Michelle Loretta is a business consultant and financial strategist for wedding and event professionals. As the founder of Sage Wedding Pros, she draws from her past experience in accounting, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship to strengthen wedding businesses worldwide. Michelle is also the founder of the Be Sage Wedding Conference, a master-level summit for wedding professionals.


Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 042: Kirsten and Maria Palladino Reveal How to Authentically Serve the LGBTQ+ Community

For the 42nd episode of our Wedding Industry Insider podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing Kirsten and Maria Palladino, the brilliant minds behind Equally Wed — an acclaimed online LGBTQ+ wedding resource.

Kirsten is the editorial director of and the author of Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding. Maria is the creative director of, and she has 20+ years of graphic design and web development experience. Kirsten and Maria are also the co-founders of Equally Wed Pro, a leading LGBTQ+ wedding certification program.

In this interview, Kirsten and Maria share their combined expertise and reveal how to authentically serve the LGBTQ+ community. They also share valuable tips for using content marketing and blogging to elevate your business.

Here are some of the key points Kirsten and Maria address:

  • How to “lead with love” in your business and project inclusivity online
  • The surprising effects of marriage equality legalization on their business    
  • The importance of allowing your couples to guide your language and planning
  • Guidance on using gender-neutral wedding terms     
  • The importance of not making any assumptions when working with the diverse LGBTQ+ community
  • Simple ways to make the wedding contract, timeline, and venue more inclusive
  • Common mistakes planners make when working with LGBTQ+ community
  • Learning the ABC’s of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Tips on leveraging your own story for content marketing and blog writing

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I want to say a special, heartfelt thank you to Kirsten and Maria for sharing their expertise with the Timeline Genius community.

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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 041: Jon’ll Boyd Reveals How to Achieve Explosive Growth and Create the Business You Want

Wanna learn concrete strategies for achieving explosive growth? Wanna discover new ways to think expansively, so you can build a unique, sustainable business that’s right for you?

If so, then check out this podcast episode!

Jon’ll Boyd is the owner of Completely Yours Events, a successful event planning and design firm based in the Washington D.C. area.  She’s also the founder and director of The Planner Suite Conference, a business-focused annual conference for wedding and event planners. Jon’ll has a passion for education, which led her to launch The Planner Suite University, an online educational resource designed for wedding and event planners.

In this interview, Jon’ll reveals how she rapidly grew her company — scaling up to 64 weddings in her third year of business. She also reflects on how she strategically changed and molded her business to avoid burnout and to expand into new markets.

Here are some of the specific topics she addresses:

  • How to use education to lay a strong foundation for your business
  • 3 key ways to achieve explosive growth
  • Why it’s important to build relationships face to face
  • How to stay true to your business plan
  • How to create valuable collaborative relationships with other industry professionals
  • How to successfully serve two different markets
  • The importance of identifying your team’s strengths and delegating responsibilities
  • How to channel your passion into new business opportunities
  • Her most important piece of advice for wedding and event planners

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Thank you Jon’ll for being part of the Timeline Genius community and for sharing your insights with us!

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