New Feature

Feature Update: Customize Your Timelines by Reordering Sections

Timeline Genius now lets you reorder all of the sections of your timeline to suit your own personal preferences and style!

As you know, our software lets you include a wide range of sections in your timelines — including scheduled items/activitiesremindersnotesvendor and venue contactsfilesfloor plans, and any other information you want to see.

With the new Section Reordering feature, you can present your timeline content to your clients, vendors, venues, and team in the exact order you want.

To see the new Section Reordering feature and our improved design, check out the video below.

We hope these latest improvements help you work with greater ease and flexibility, so you can continue to wow your clients 🙂

We’ve got more exciting features coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!

Timeline Geniuses

The Most Important Thing To Do With Nontraditional Client Requests

By Tanya Michelle Debose, This Is The Day Event Planning & Design, LLC


Years ago, most couples had two major choices when getting married:  hold the ceremony at the local church and then shoot off to the large catering hall with the over-the-top Italianate decor, OR keep everyone situated in one place by hosting the nuptials and reception at a large hotel.

Today, couples have gone beyond simply crafting their own tear-jerking vows to designing wedding experiences that reflect their personal style and the colorful journey of their relationship.

New Feature

New Feature: Plan Baby Showers Like A Genius


Timeline Genius now lets you create baby shower timelines with confidence and ease!

We worked with celebrity wedding and event planner, ANGELA PROFFITT, to bring you an industry-leading timeline template for baby showers. Angela is fresh off an appearance on the tv show, Pickler & Ben (CBS), where she entertained viewers by throwing a lavish baby shower.

And now she’s poured her talents and expertise into creating a baby shower timeline template for you!