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WII 052: Jen Taylor Helps You Automate and Streamline Your Wedding Business

Today, we’re excited to share with you the 52nd episode of our Wedding Industry Insider  podcast. For this episode, Eddie had the privilege of sitting down with Jen Taylor—an award-winning wedding planner and business consultant who designs and produces stunning celebrations in the Pacific Northwest, Maui, and beyond.

Jen is the founder of Taylor’d Events Group, an awarded destination wedding and event planning firm based in Seattle that includes four additional planners. A speaker at NACE and owner of Jen Taylor Consulting—Jen shares the insights and expertise she’s developed building her wedding business both on stage and off.

After 15 years spent growing Taylor’d Events, Jen has an eye for automation and some seriously smart systems in place. She also shares important strategies for making sure you have the systems, people and technologies in place to execute workflows at a high level.

In this interview, she helps you create more freedom and abundance in your business by streamlining your workflow and automating your processes.

Here are some of the important points Jen discusses:

  • Her central strategy for working ON your business—rather than in it
  • How to assess your business for systems that need improvement
  • Tips for streamlining your customer on-boarding process
  • Key examples of where to automate your business and technologies to help
  • How often to assess your business and why
  • What to do with the time you save through automation
  • Jen’s number-one piece of advice for building a strong business

To hear her insightful interview, press the play button below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.

Thank you, Jen, for sharing your incredible insight with the Timeline Genius community!

Show Notes: