Timeline Genius

Our Unique Approach to Instagram


At Timeline Genius, we decided to take a unique approach to our Instagram page. Instead of just posting photos of various events or of our software, we decided to fill our whole profile page with quotes about two things: inspiration and love.


Inspiration is one of our focuses because we’re deeply inspired by you (the planners we work with), and we hope to inspire you in return. I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2005, and I know the courage it takes to build your own company and to follow your dreams. Every week I have the privilege of speaking with extraordinary wedding planners around the United States and abroad, and you constantly inspire me.


Some of you have already built thriving, long-standing planning companies. And some of you are in the early stages of building your companies. But you all share a determination to succeed and a passion for your work, which is awesome.

On our Instagram page, we want to post quotes that will give you a boost and lift your spirits as you continue on your journey. For example, the above quote that I copied from our Instagram page is one of my personal favorites from Dr. Martin Luther King.

When you’re starting a company, or almost any long, meaningful journey, it can take courage and faith to take the first step… because there’s nobody there to tell you exactly how it’s going to play out. You have to trust yourself and keep the fear of failure at bay. It’s always inspired me to hear those words from Dr. King — a man who led a movement that forever changed our country and the world for the better.


The second topic we focus on with our Instagram page is love. Why? Because love is everything and because it’s certainly the very core and bedrock of our whole industry.


Once you strip away all the logistics, financial exchanges, contracts, and other fleetingly consequential facets of the wedding industry, what you’re left with is the real reason why the industry exists in the first place — to celebrate love.

I still remember what I felt like when I was exchanging vows with my wife in front of every person I loved in the world… It was a transcendental experience… This invisible, yet palpable energy, was filling the whole room, like a deeply soothing, radiant light. All of our family and friends felt it… And I’ve felt it when I’ve attended the weddings of my friends. It gets me every time because it’s magical…

We celebrate love on our Instagram page because all of our work, and our industry as a whole, is aimed at celebrating love.