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WII 142 – Jessica Carrillo on Repelling Clients and Following Your Passion

Do you want to attract wedding clients that spark your creativity and fuel your passion? Then you need to be ready to repel clients too. 

That can be tough to accept, especially for planners who are trying to grow their business. But there’s no way you can be the right fit for every single couple. And when you book the right clients (and avoid the wrong ones!), you’ll find your business grows in ways that feed your soul and showcase your unique skills. 

Want proof? We’ve got it this week on the Wedding Industry Insider podcast! Eddie is sitting down with Jessica Carrillo of Art & Soul Events. Jessica specializes in expressive weddings with a nontraditional flair, so she’s got incredible insights into attracting unique, perfect-fit clients.

Jessica has learned from experience that you have to repel certain clients to attract the right ones, and she’s sharing what that might look like for your wedding planning business. Here are other great topics Jessica touches on during this interview:

  • How Jessica realized (and marketed toward) her ideal client 
  • Jessica’s favorite courses and books that improved her work and business
  • How she approaches styled shoots
  • Great tips for attracting clients on social media (hint: it’s not about going viral!)
  • And… Jessica’s #1 advice for wedding planners!

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We want to say a special thank you to Jessica for sharing these insights with our Timeline Genius community.

Please take this information, act on it, and carry on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams!

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