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WII 136 – Refining Your Foundation With Fallon Carter

You know a strong foundation is essential to running a successful wedding planning business. But when it’s time to refine or restructure, getting to the bottom of things can seem daunting. 

Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Events is here to help! She’s joining this week’s Wedding Industry Insider to talk about the essential (and pretty simple!) process of refining the foundation of your business. 

The good news? It doesn’t have to be a big, sweeping project you tackle all at once. Instead, Fallon walks us through the seven key elements to focus on, and gives us a totally doable timeframe for achieving it!

Fallon is one of the earliest supporters of Timeline Genius, so she’s sharing some awesome ways that our program helps her provide the best service possible to clients (while protecting her time and energy). Plus, she’s sharing other programs she uses to streamline her processes and keep her business running smoothly.

We love the authentic, kindhearted advice Fallon offers in this episode – here are some of our favorite highlights:

  • How structuring her weekly tasks helps ensure Fallon is staying financially stable and legally compliant. 
  • Fallon’s story of overcoming imposter syndrome and becoming confident in her work as a planner
  • She breaks down her pricing structure and reveals that different models can work for different clients (as long as you protect your finances in the contract!). 
  • And, she shares her #1 advice for wedding planners!

To hear Fallon’s interview, you can press the play button above. And be sure to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen! 

We want to say a special thank you to Fallon for sharing these insights with our Timeline Genius community.

Please take this information, act on it, and carry on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams!

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