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WII 135 – Don Mamone’s Inspiring Journey to Authenticity

“Show up, shine bright, get loud, be clear, and take up massive space in your market.” 

How do you bring your identity to your business? 

Today we’re sharing an incredible interview with Don Mamone, an identity coach and photographer whose unique journey to authenticity is an inspiration to anyone who wants to shine bright as an entrepreneur. 

Don is sharing amazing advice about channeling your truest self and using that to elevate your business. You’ll love hearing about how they discovered and accepted their own identity and then became better at all aspects of life – from emailing business clients to raising their family. 

Here’s some of what you can look forward to in this beautiful and deeply personal interview:

  • A four-step framework for becoming your most authentic self (in life and in business!)
  • Why you want authenticity to serve as both a beacon and a filter so that you’re surrounded by the right people and clients
  • How discovering your identity can improve your brand and marketing 
  • Tips for standing out in a saturated market and attract clients based on who you are instead of what you do
  • And, Don shares their #1 piece of advice for wedding professionals

To hear Don’s interview, you can press the play button above. And be sure to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen! 

We want to say a special thank you to Don for sharing these insights with our Timeline Genius community.

Please take this information, act on it, and carry on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams!

Show Notes: