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WII 109: The Marketing Secret to Use in Your Messaging – with Kate Storey

Today’s guest first joined us in Episode 79 to share 4 steps to increase website conversions. Now, she’s back to help you create and market your unique story.

Kate Storey and her husband Nick are co-owners of Book More Brides, a marketing firm that specializes in helping wedding planners attract and book their ideal client couples. Kate is a digital marketing specialist, copywriter, and social media expert. Additionally, she is the host of The Book More Brides Podcast

In this episode, Kate breaks down the common problems with messaging. These include sounding like competitors, which leads customers to go by price, and presenting product details rather than emotional needs. Specifically, she illustrates why knowing your story is what makes your marketing efforts work without being forced.

Episode highlights & action steps:

  • Build a marketing “story” that shows you not only know the problems your clients face but also can uniquely solve them
  • Find your story by gathering clues – about how your couples feel – from your favorite reviews 
  • Identify your ideal client’s deepest need by asking yourself why they want certain things and how they want to feel
  • Use your messaging to emphasize what working with you will do for your couples
  • Let your website share your reason and your why because it will stand out to the customers you want
  • Start building relationships with buy-later couples
  • Her #1 piece of advice for wedding professionals

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We want to say a special thank you to Kate for sharing these insights with our Timeline Genius community.

Please take this information, act on it, and carry on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams!

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