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WII 054: Grit & Grace Owners Share Actionable Steps to Shift to a Quality-Over-Quantity Business Model

Today, we’re so excited to share with you the 54th episode of our Wedding Industry Insider  podcast. For this episode, Eddie had the privilege of sitting down with two incredibly experienced wedding industry pros: Laura Ritchie and Christie Yerks.

Laura is the owner and principal event designer at Grit & Grace, a Washington D.C. based full-service event design and styling firm. As a speaker at Planner Suite Conference, she’s no stranger to taking to the stage to share her incredible industry experience with fellow pros. With a stellar background in project management and consulting, Christie Yerks works side-by-side with Laura as a co-owner of Grit & Grace. Together, they’ve produced stunning work that’s been featured in Bazaar, Modern Luxury Weddings, and Martha Stewart Weddings (to name a few).

As owners of a demanding wedding business, Laura and Christie decided to deliberately maneuver to a quality-over-quantity business model. In this interview, they share actionable steps for shifting to a more luxury market to increase their profits and avoid burning out. They also open up about using social media and networking as key business tools.

Here are some of the important points Laura and Christie discuss:

  • Strategies to help pivot towards a higher price point and fewer events per year
  • How to set pricing based on your personal goals rather than market competition
  • Tips on using a “tactile” approach to pitching a new client
  • Why it’s important to have open communication with your competition
  • Advantages to networking and being known as a “Vendor’s vendor”
  • Key ways to make your Instagram profile an extension of your company
  • Their number-one piece of advice for building a strong wedding business

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Thank you, Laura and Christie, for sharing your knowledge and insight with the Timeline Genius community!

Show Notes: