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WII 053: Kristin Binford Empowers Planners with an In-Depth Look at the Wedding Venue Market

Today, we’re excited to share with you the 53rd episode of our Wedding Industry Insider  podcast.  For this episode, Eddie had the privilege of sitting down with the incredibly knowledgeable Kristin Binford—a successful wedding venue owner and coach who consults for venue owners across the country.

Kristin is the owner and managing partner of Haue Valley, a St. Louis wedding venue that currently books over 100 weddings per year. As the owner of her own venue-consulting business, Kristin helps venue owners scale, strategize, and ensure sustainable success. She also brings her in-depth industry insight to new and prospective venue owners via her Facebook Group: Building & Running a Profitable Wedding Venue.

As a successful venue owner, Kristin is passionate about sharing all she’s learned with both seasoned and brand-new venue owners who are hoping to run a successful, profitable venue. In this interview, she deep-dives into the dynamics of the wedding-venue market and helps planners and vendors understand the right—and wrong—way to build beneficial relationships and seek referrals from venues and venue owners.

Here are some of the important points Kristin discusses:

  • A venue owner’s perspective on the wedding venue market—past, present, and future
  • How the venue boom has impacted other parts of the industry, i.e. vendors
  • Pertinent advice to people considering opening a venue
  • Key ways to be a “rockstar” planner and build great relationships with venues
  • Straight talk on the right way to seek out referrals from venues
  • Top 3 things learned from being a venue owner and consultant to other owners 
  • Kristin’s number-one piece of advice for building a successful business

To hear her insightful interview, press the play button below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.

Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your incredible perspective and helpful guidance with the Timeline Genius community!

Show Notes: