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WII 048: José Rolón Opens Up About the Art of Building a Happy Team

Today, we are so excited to share with you the 48th episode of our Wedding Industry Insider podcast. For this episode, Eddie had the privilege of sitting down with the incredible José Rolón—an awarded wedding planner and hospitality-industry extraordinaire with over a decade of events experience to his name. 

José is the owner of José Rolón Events, a Brooklyn-based wedding planning service responsible for eye-catching event experiences that have made their way onto the pages of The New York Times, Town & Country, and Martha Stewart Weddings (just to name a few). José is also the host of The Wedding Buzz Podcast—and will soon be taking to the stage to share his expertise with the wedding-planning world at Cater Source and NACE.

Becoming a new business owner, a father, an expectant father to twins, and a widower all in the same year—José is no stranger to overcoming adversity. In this interview, he opens up about his inspiring journey to becoming a successful planner, shares his one-of-a-kind approach to building a happy team, the importance of creating a “culture of we”, and implementing a daily gratitude practice.

Here are some of the key points José addresses:

  • His inspiring personal journey while launching his own business
  • The top three things that helped him thrive both professionally and personally after adversity
  • The strength you gain from building a support system around you
  • The importance of setting boundaries to separate work and your personal life
  • How a daily gratitude practice can be a significant factor in your success
  • Key strategies for building a happy team
  • How a positive attitude can diffuse tense situations
  • His number-one piece of advice for wedding industry professional


To hear this amazing interview, press the play button below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast in iTunesThank you, José, for sharing your inspiring story and incredible advice with the Timeline Genius community!

Show Notes: