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WII 045: The Flower Guy Bron Reveals How to Strategically Elevate Your Wedding Business by Serving More Clients

For the 45th episode of our Wedding Industry Insider podcast, I had the privilege of sitting down with Bron Hansboro—better known as The Flower Guy Bron—an award-winning wedding floral designer and international speaker based in Richmond, Virginia.

Bron is the founder of The Flower Guy Bron, a wedding and events floral company that offers a bespoke approach to luxury floral design. A former teacher, Bron leveraged the “listen, observe, anticipate” model he honed during his time in education to build a floral brand that understands client needs and exceeds their expectations. After realizing he was turning away thousands of dollars of business from clients whose budgets didn’t fit his luxury brand, he found a way to tap into that additional revenue stream. He opened Pastel Posies, a second floral design company that serves couples who are seeking a lower price point.

In this interview, Bron opens up about his strategic decision to launch a second brand and offers tips for other vendors looking to do the same. He explains the important role that intuitive listening, finding your brand’s niche, and thorough market research play in curating an additional revenue stream.

Here are some of the key points Bron addresses:

  • How listening and anticipating can lead to business success
  • The top 4 things wedding planners can do to separate themselves from the pack in the eyes of other vendors
  • Strategies on how to find your niche in the market
  • Key questions to ask to help you understand—and tap into—your local market
  • 3 ways to grow your client list
  • Exciting insights to help you build additional revenue streams for your business
  • Pro tips on curating a secondary brand without tarnishing your “flagship” business
  • His number-one piece of advice for achieving success in your wedding business

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Thank you, Bron, for sharing your brilliant brand-building tips with our Timeline Genius community!

Show Notes: