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WII 044: David Stark Reveals the Art of Elevated Event Planning

For the 44th episode of our Wedding Industry Insider podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing David Stark, a renowned New York-based event designer and artist who’s seen over 25 years of career success.

David is the founder of David Stark Design and Production, an acclaimed event planning firm known for its inventive approach to visual storytelling. With everything from celebrity weddings to high-profile galas under his belt, David has designed for brands like Target, SNL, and Kiehl’s, and is most known for the annual event he designs for The Robin Hood Foundation. His background in painting and his education in art allow him to bring an imaginative eye—and an undeniable element of artistry—to each event he produces.

In this interview, David opens up about his unique success in the industry—including the importance of treating event design as an immersive art form and how assembling the right team can help you elevate an event experience into the realm of art.

Here are some of the key points he addresses:

  • Why event design is truly an art form
  • The importance of understanding that you can’t be all things to all people as a designer
  • The three key elements to his 27-year career success
  • How a simple mindset shift can elevate event design to actual art
  • The differences between simply decorating and using event decor to tell a story
  • The concept of “partnership mentality” and how it applies to event design
  • Why event design is a “team sport”
  • His most critical piece of advice for planners aspiring to elevate their career

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Thank you, David, for opening up about your incredible success and for sharing your infectious passion with the Timeline Genius community.

Show Notes: