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WII 043: Michelle Loretta Gives You a Powerful System for Managing Your Company’s Finances

Do you have an effective system for managing your company’s finances? Or are you operating and making key decisions without having a firm handle on your cash flow?

If you wanna grow your company the right way — being intentional and strategic about your financial planning — then this podcast episode is for you!

Michelle Loretta is a business consultant and financial strategist for wedding and event professionals. As the founder of Sage Wedding Pros, she draws from her past experience in accounting, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship to strengthen wedding businesses worldwide. Michelle is also the founder of the Be Sage Wedding Conference, a master-level summit for wedding professionals.

In this interview, Michelle gives you a system for taking control of your company’s finances. She teaches you how to scale your business and make decisions based on a true understanding of your cash flow.

Here are some of the key points she addresses:

  • Why financial planning is vitally important for your business
  • How to scale your company the right way — quantitatively assessing the risks and rewards of opportunities
  • What key challenge is faced when you can’t replace yourself in your business
  • How to create and maintain an effective financial plan for your company
  • The most important financial resource a business should use
  • Her number one piece of advice for wedding industry professionals

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Thank you, Michelle, for being part of the Timeline Genius community and for sharing your valuable insights with us!

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