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WII 041: Jon’ll Boyd Reveals How to Achieve Explosive Growth and Create the Business You Want

Wanna learn concrete strategies for achieving explosive growth? Wanna discover new ways to think expansively, so you can build a unique, sustainable business that’s right for you?

If so, then check out this podcast episode!

Jon’ll Boyd is the owner of Completely Yours Events, a successful event planning and design firm based in the Washington D.C. area.  She’s also the founder and director of The Planner Suite Conference, a business-focused annual conference for wedding and event planners. Jon’ll has a passion for education, which led her to launch The Planner Suite University, an online educational resource designed for wedding and event planners.

In this interview, Jon’ll reveals how she rapidly grew her company — scaling up to 64 weddings in her third year of business. She also reflects on how she strategically changed and molded her business to avoid burnout and to expand into new markets.

Here are some of the specific topics she addresses:

  • How to use education to lay a strong foundation for your business
  • 3 key ways to achieve explosive growth
  • Why it’s important to build relationships face to face
  • How to stay true to your business plan
  • How to create valuable collaborative relationships with other industry professionals
  • How to successfully serve two different markets
  • The importance of identifying your team’s strengths and delegating responsibilities
  • How to channel your passion into new business opportunities
  • Her most important piece of advice for wedding and event planners

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Thank you Jon’ll for being part of the Timeline Genius community and for sharing your insights with us!

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