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WII 040: Kellie Daab Helps You Grow Your Business Further and Faster

Wanna discover how to grow your wedding business quickly?

If so, then you’ll love this podcast episode!

Kellie Daab is an author, speaker, educator, and consultant specializing in the wedding industry. She’s also the founder of the Wedding Industry Education community — a group of over 7,000 professionals seeking to revolutionize and elevate the wedding industry. Kellie has over 14 years of industry experience, and she’s passionate about leveraging digital innovations to help wedding businesses thrive.

In this interview, Kellie shares her unique three-tier process that will help you take your wedding business to the next level: 1) gain clarity, 2) set the strategy, and 3) invest in mastery.

Here are some of the key points she addresses:

  • How she grew the Wedding Industry Education community to 7,300+ active members
  • The importance of adapting and applying digital innovations in the wedding industry
  • Key exercises to clearly identify your strengths, weaknesses, and self-limiting beliefs
  • How to execute vision-casting and define your core set of brand values
  • Six critical components that should feed into your overarching business strategy
  • How to expand your digital footprint and increase “points of entry” to your brand
  • Automation systems and processes to increase scale and customer focus
  • Her main piece of advice for wedding professionals in the industry today

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Thank you, Kellie, for sharing your incredible insights with us and for being a part of the Timeline Genius community!


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