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WII 038: Kathryn Porritt Breaks Down the Four Pillars of Your Marketing Success

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Wanna have a steady stream of your ideal clients coming to you?

If so, then you’ll love this podcast episode!

Based out of Brisbane, Australia, Kathryn Porritt is a Marketing Strategist and Business Coach who supports clients across the globe. She’s a renowned entrepreneur with specialized experience in service-based businesses. Kathryn currently serves as CEO of several companies in the wedding and event industry, which include Weddings Inc., Wedding Masterclass, and Selling Luxury.

In this interview, Kathryn breaks down the four pillars of your marketing success: 1) branding, 2) website design, 3) digital sales funnels, and 4) social media presence. Along the way, she highlights common pitfalls for wedding professionals and teaches you how to avoid them.

The key points that Kathryn addresses over the course of this interview include:

  • The importance of thoroughly understanding your target market
  • How to identify your authentic “brilliance” and use it to build a brand that resonates
  • The value of aligning your lifestyle goals with your business goals
  • Website design guidelines that will help you increase conversion
  • How to map different customer journeys to an online sales funnel
  • Two key recommendations to enhance your social media strategy
  • Marketing automation tools that help you save time and optimize your content
  • Her top piece of advice for achieving success in business (and in life!)

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Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing your words of wisdom with us and for being a part of the Timeline Genius community!


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