Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 006: Kylie Carlson Gives Nuts and Bolts Social Media Strategies for Wedding Planners

For the sixth episode of our Wedding Industry Insider podcast, I had the privilege of interviewing Kylie Carlson, the CEO of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning.

Kylie has over 20 years of wedding industry experience, and she’s spoken in locations ranging from London and Barcelona to Dubai and Jamaica.

As the head of a global online academy that provides quality training for planners, Kylie has a uniquely valuable perspective on the keys to success in the wedding industry.

In this interview, you’ll hear Kylie share all of the following (and more):

  • Detailed strategies for using social media effectively as a wedding planner
  • One powerful tactic that can supercharge your social media presence
  • Why a social media roadmap is the key to posting consistently and preventing writer’s block
  • How to identify your target client
  • The most important trait that distinguishes highly successful planners from the pack

To hear Kylie’s interview, you can press the play button below. And be sure to subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.

I want to say a special Thank You to Kylie for sharing these insights with our Timeline Genius community.

Please take this information, act on it, and carry on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams!