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Timeline Genius | Tickled Events

Tickled Events is a boutique event management company located in the Bay Area. Led by powerhouse of warmth Adrienne Lee, the company’s vibe is as fun and delightful as its name suggests! Clients and colleagues alike are absolutely smitten with Tickled and its work, and so are we. With weddings that look like this, can you blame us?
More from Tickled:
“We here at Tickled Events LOVE LOVE everything about weddings from the style of the bridesmaids’ dresses, to the design of the centerpieces, to the detail of the favors.  Our goal is to make the planning process as easy, fun and simple for a couple as possible so that on their wedding day, all they have to do is kick back, relax, and dance the night away without any worries.”
“After 8 years of planning weddings, we’ve spent countless hours on the day-of timeline with coordinating, revisions, and challenges.  Timeline Genius is the one application that I’ve been waiting for all these years. TG has thought of everything needed in a timeline, helps to anticipate the needs of a wedding day, and is so fast and easy to learn and read. I especially love the time shift; instead of multiple changes on an excel spreadsheet, a few clicks shifts my entire timeline by however much time I want. The feature of creating individual timelines for each vendor is also ingenious. TG has saved me so much time and really is effortless to use. I’ve left my excel spreadsheet timelines and haven’t looked back!”
Thank you Tickled Events for trusting your wedding day timelines to us <3 We feel honored to be a part of events like this:
DannyDong_20150808_M_059-L DannyDong_20150808_M_044-L
Happy Thursday, and happy planning, everyone!