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Three Ways To Market Yourself At Wedding MBA


Will you be joining the thousands of wedding industry leaders attending Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas? Along with the celebrity speakers, cutting-edge technology, and hours of sage business advice, another valuable aspect Wedding MBA is the chance to get to build your network by meeting new vendors and planners, and by strengthening relationships with those you already know! Make the most of that time with the following tips:

Plan Ahead

There are just a few days until the big event, but there’s still time to schedule appointments with fellow vendors and planners. Make it a priority to connect with people you think will find value in what you have to offer. Vendor relationships flourish the most when they are created with an intention of learning and helping one another. If you’re unsure about where to start, post in wedding industry groups or send out an email to companies you know will be there. Check out the convention guide to see who is speaking and schedule a time to meet the presenters. Also be sure to map out the booth and tables that you want to visit (including the Timeline Genius booth 2335!) and be sure to bring business cards to share, as well as a plan for all the cards you’ll be collecting.

Create a Link for Your Portfolio

When telling stories about your work, make your portfolio easily accessible with a shortened link. Sites like are free and easy to use, and they carry the added ability to track when and how many users access your site. By making your link easy to remember, you increase the likelihood of others accessing it to view your amazing work.

Follow Up 

Wedding MBA attracts nearly 3,000 attendees each year. That means you’re likely to collect piles of business cards and exchange information with countless people in a very short time period. Make the most of your experience by following up with your contacts with a quick email recapping your conversation and why you found it valuable. The trick here is to do this as soon as you arrive home, or even on the plane if possible. Keep your emails short and personal, reflecting how much you value their time. It’s a sure way to maintain that connection and see results.

It’s important to have a plan when given the opportunity expand your network, but stay focused on the reason you’re there – to learn. Wedding MBA offers invaluable information on business building and industry news and trends. Be present while in seminars and you’re sure to walk away happy.