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What if you could work less and make more money? It’s any wedding planner’s dream, but for Tara Guérard, it’s her reality. And she’s sharing her journey and hard-learned lessons for getting here.

This week on Wedding Industry Insider, we are looking back on our fantastic interview with Tara, who is the owner and creative director of Tara Guérard Soirée. If you were a listener when we aired our 100th episode with Tara, then this is a great chance to revisit her incredible insight. And newer listeners are in for a real treat this week!

These days, Tara exclusively works with lavish, six-figure weddings, but she talks about business finances in a way anyone can relate to. After all, she once booked 40 weddings a year and is thriving while only taking on eight weddings per year.


You know that it’s best to bring your most authentic self to your wedding planning business, but you also have to present yourself in a way that will attract your ideal clients. 

So, be truly yourself… but also who your clients want you to be. If that sounds jumbled and complicated, this week’s Wedding Industry Insider is perfect for you. 

We’ve got Wedding Business Strategist Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business with us, and she’s sharing the best ways to strike a balance between authenticity and alluring marketing. Soon, you’ll be highlighting your most genuine (and most unique!) skills that will stand out to wedding clients. 

Heidi has fantastic advice for standing out to the best clients without getting bogged down by comparisons, complicated analytics, and inauthentic marketing strategies. Don’t worry, you still get to be yourself, but in a way that shows you’re exactly who wedding clients need!


Bobbi Brinkman

We are in the middle of wedding season – are you veering toward burnout, negativity, or discouragement? 

We get it, and we’re also here to get you back on track. That’s why we’re so excited for our latest episode of Wedding Industry Insider.  This week, Eddie sits down with Bobbi Brinkman, a mindset and motivation speaker with a background in wedding photography. 

Her timing is perfect for this time of year, whether you feel like you’re going through a slow spell or are overwhelmed with work. Either way, you’ll love hearing Bobbi’s pitch-perfect reminders about why you decided to become a wedding planner – and why the wedding industry needs you!


Do you want to attract wedding clients that spark your creativity and fuel your passion? Then you need to be ready to repel clients too. 

That can be tough to accept, especially for planners who are trying to grow their business. But there’s no way you can be the right fit for every single couple. And when you book the right clients (and avoid the wrong ones!), you’ll find your business grows in ways that feed your soul and showcase your unique skills. 

Want proof? We’ve got it this week on the Wedding Industry Insider podcast! Eddie is sitting down with Jessica Carrillo of Art & Soul Events. Jessica specializes in expressive weddings with a nontraditional flair, so she’s got incredible insights into attracting unique, perfect-fit clients.