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The Big Day: Not Just About the Newlyweds

By Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events Group

Historically, the Big Day has always been about the pair saying ‘I do’ at the end of the aisle. While that still rings true, couples are devoting more of their planning efforts to providing guests with an unforgettable experience that they’ll remember as more than just a wedding night.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that guests have the best time ever, so let’s look at a few popular options.



One of the most stressful things about attending a wedding isn’t about what to wear or what gift to get – it’s making sure you’re available for the event date, booking accommodations and hiring childcare if necessary. Couples can make it easier on their friends and family by finalizing the event’s details well in advance so they can send out all of the important information. Creating a wedding website can be a great solution as couples can send out a link that leads to all of the relevant details that a guest may need.



Literally! Couples can ease the burden on guests by procuring a room block for them to reserve their own room. When picking accommodations, they should keep in mind the proximity to the wedding venue as well as how well the hotel meets the guests’ needs. Is there a shuttle that can take them to the venue? Are there handicap rooms, if necessary? Is there a restaurant onsite for other meals?



Chances are the couple will be too busy to greet each guest individually, at least until the reception rolls around. That’s not to say they can’t welcome them with a thoughtful touch that thanks them for being there. Destination weddings have put custom welcome bags in the spotlight, but these fun assortments of goodies can be used for at-home weddings when placed in hotel rooms for out-of- town guests. Couples can also greet guests at the ceremony with flavored water, small bites or other treats to keep them refreshed until the moment they’ve all been waiting for.



Who’s to say a wedding is strictly limited to a six- to eight-hour period of fun and festivities? Extend the celebration by planning local experiences for guests, like walking tours or a scavenger hunt. Out-of- town guests will love the opportunity to explore the area, while local guests will also enjoy joining in on the fun! It can be as formal as scheduling a tour guide or an excursion for the group or as simple as providing maps marked with suggested visitor spots for a self-guided experience. The sky is the limit!



Most people have gone to at least a few weddings where they left with the standard personalized swag to remember the celebration. But do they really need a mug with the couple’s faces on it or a coaster with their names on it? Personalization is a sweet touch, but customizing favors with the guests’ names on it can be an extra special touch. Not only will they get much more use out of it, but couples can also double up by using them as escort cards too! An alternative for a winning favor is anything edible – it may not last as a forever reminder, but that’s the point! Guests will be happy to enjoy a late night snack as they head out for the evening.

Oftentimes, couples can get caught up in the little details of planning their wedding but that is no reason to forget about the reason they’re having the wedding – to enjoy the celebration with their friends and families!

Jennifer Taylor is the owner of Taylor’d Events Group, a planning firm that specializes in celebrations of all kinds in the Pacific Northwest and Maui. She is also the creator of The Taylor’d Plan, a self-administered class for wedding planners who are new to the industry and looking to grow and develop their skills.