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The Benefits of Being Published

Hello dear Timeline Geniuses!

With wedding season revving up and the list of tasks endless, we know that sometimes marketing goes out the window. But before you get fully caught in the whirl of weddings, let us remind you to gather up these upcoming photos and submit to blogs!



Here are 3 things being published on a blog can do for you:

1. Free Advertising
Ads can be expensive (anyone been hounded by Yelp advertising lately?), and aren’t always effective. Being featured on a blog gets far higher quality attention, and doesn’t cost you a dime! Just a bit of time.

2. Build CredibilityScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.39.26 PM

Being published is a sign of excellence in your field. When you are featured on a blog, most publications will send you a badge that you can place on your website, in your email signature, or on your own blog. Start a collection of your badges or publication on your website to show potential clients how lauded your work is!

3. Make Connections:

Photos by Readyluck

Blogs make it easy to reach out and connect with other vendors who inspire you. Everyone involved in a shoot will be listed and linked, and from there many great partnerships can be born. From one of Honey & Twine’s features on Ruffled, we were contacted by a publisher to be in a coffee table book, photographers and florists to work on styled shoots, and potential clients!

Keep on shining,

The Timeline Genius Team