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Expert Tips To Maximize Your Vendor & Venue Relationships For More Profit

We have a big treat for you today Timeline Geniuses!

We’ve created an Expert Guide with the help of Master Wedding Planner Brigid Horne-Nestor, that we are providing to all of you for free (don’t you love that word?). If you haven’t heard us say it before, we are dedicated to making the lives of wedding planners easier.

This guide will help you maximize your profits by strategically approaching Vendor and Venue Relationships. Here’s our first tip for you to check out:



Focus your energy on building relationships with people who can – and will – help your business grow.

  • First, think about the types of vendors and venues that are most likely to view a wedding planner as an asset – and not competition – on the wedding day. Build relationships with these people first – they have the potential to be your biggest fans! When a couple visits a venue for the first time, or meets with their officiant, you want those people to think of youSecond, ask yourself: Which vendors and venues see me as an asset and what specific value can I add to their work, and to our relationship? Certain types of vendors and venues – especially those who are part of the wedding planning process from the very beginning – are most likely to be your greatest partners.Your best bet is to focus on the following:
  • Ceremony and reception venues: These are typically the first things that people secure. They are a great pipeline to an early referral. And remember: the earlier in the process you get a referral, the more revenue
  • Officiants: Planners add value by attending to the wedding party at the rehearsal and on the wedding day. Most officiants love having someone to help keep everything organized and running smoothly, so they can focus on what they love the most – officiating.
  • Caterers: Planners can help translate what clients want, and serve as a valuable liaison on the wedding day. Keeping events running on time allows the food to be served at the proper temperature – and that makes everyone happy.
  • Invitation Designers: Planners can make designers’ jobs easier by helping clients articulate their design vision, and by encouraging clients to be organized and timely with critical information.
  • Also consider vendors like florists, photographers,videographers & rental companies: These vendors see planners as assets because they appreciate the high level of professionalism that wedding planners bring to events. You help keep everything running smoothly, so as vendors, they can excel at their job.

Want to know more? Our expert guide is chock full of more great tips that you can download here for free. Our gift to you – happy wedding season one and all!

-Your Timeline Genius Team