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[New Feature]: Improved Assignment Feature for Tailored Timelines


assigning vendors to wedding day timeline items

Timeline Genius now lets you fully customize the tailored timelines for your vendors, venues, and wedding party! 🎉

One of the key benefits of our software is that it helps you build trust and make the right impression on your clients and vendors. And one way you can do that is by easily giving them a tailored version of the timeline that just shows the items they need to see.

Well now, those tailored timelines can include text sections, contact sections, and any other part of the timeline you want.

Wanna include the floor plan on a tailored timeline for your caterer? Or wanna include the Wedding Party Contacts section on your photographer’s tailored timeline? That’s all a cinch now.

To see the new and improved tailored timeline features in action, just check out the video below…

We hope these new features help you stand out and shine like the rock stars you are!

​Stay tuned for what’s coming next. 👀

Wedding Industry Biz

Member Spotlight: Jaclyn Watson of Jaclyn Watson Events


We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Jaclyn Watson, who is nominated for the 2023 NACE ONE Awards!

Jackie is the owner of Jaclyn Watson Events and has over 14 years of industry experience. She is also the president of the Vermont Association of Wedding ProfessionalsRecently, she appeared on the Fox 44 Morning Brew edition to talk about and reflect on the 2023 wedding season.

Now, we congratulate her on receiving her latest NACE ONE Awards nomination!  

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[New Feature]: Use the Clipboard for a Better Way to Copy & Paste Timeline Items


Timeline Genius now helps you save an entire item or section from one timeline to your clipboard and then paste into another.

The Clipboard Feature lets you copy, rename, and drop items between timelines. Which makes it easier to create industry-leading timelines in less time!
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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 110: Add Online Wedding Rentals to Offer Your Clients More – with Marie Kubin

Do you love wedding décor? Or enjoy creating both the layout and the look of floor plans? If your answer is yes, then don’t miss this episode! Because today’s guest is all about rentals, especially in terms of what it means for your event planning business. 

Marie Kubin is the owner of Rent My Wedding, a nationwide wedding rental company. A former attorney, Marie launched Rent My Wedding in 2011 after struggling to find affordable, convenient, and easy décor items for her own wedding. Since then, Rent My Wedding has grown to offer packages including everything from lighting and uplighting to backdrops, photo booths, and more. Now the largest online event rental company in the U.S., it has also earned the most 5-star reviews in the event industry.

In this episode, Marie details how she started her business and shares practices that can help you grow yours. In particular, she offers an opportunity for you to stand out as a planner and earn additional income through Rent My Wedding.

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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 106: Gain Control of Your Business One SOP at a Time, with Irene Tyndale

To gain control of your business, you need to map out your standard operating procedures (SOPs). Today’s guest explains where you can start.

Irene Tyndale is the Founder and CEO of Irene Tyndale Weddings & Events, an award-winning and full-service boutique event planning firm based in Atlanta. With a background in corporate event planning, Irene has over 20 years of industry experience. Her work has been featured in publications such as Modern Luxury and B Collective. Additionally, she is a leading industry speaker, author, coach, and educator.

In this episode, Irene challenges you to gain control of your business. Specifically, she highlights the importance of building relationships that later yield invaluable referrals, getting clear about the details of your procedures, and knowing your goals.

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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 100: The Top 3 Lessons for Success from Tara Guerard

It’s the 100th episode of Wedding Industry Insider! 

So, be sure to catch this episode and register to join us for a live celebration of this milestone!

Tara Guérard is the Owner and Creative Director of Tara Guérard Soirée, a full-service event planning and design company maintaining offices in both Charleston, SC, and NYC. With over 20 years of experience, both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have named her a top wedding planner. Her second company, Lettered Olive, provides custom letterpress printing for wedding invitations, stationery, and announcements.

Tara has been featured in Southern Living, Traditional Home, Town & Country Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Brides. She has also made appearances on The Martha Stewart Show, The Nate Berkus Show, and the Style Network. Additionally, Tara is the author of Southern Weddings: New Looks from the Old South and Weddings by Tara Guérard.

In this episode, Tara credits her success to working hard yet simultaneously working smarter with each stage of her business. Specifically, she shares about what prompted her career-shaping decisions.

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Certified Timeline Genius

Congratulations to our Certified Timeline Geniuses!

Did you know that you can become a Certified Timeline Genius? With Timeline Genius, you can become a certified expert at creating wedding day timelines!

In fact, we’re proud to show off the profiles and spotlight pages of our newest Certified Timeline Geniuses – right here! Just click on the links below to learn more about each wedding planning professional.

Congratulations to all our amazing planners who have recently become Certified Timeline Geniuses!

We applaud you for elevating both your timeline creation skills and the standards for our industry!

Are you ready to become a Certified Timeline Genius? Learn more here!  

Timeline Genius

3 Ways to Get the Most out of the Timeline Genius Collaboration Features

When it comes to timeline creation, you know that Timeline Genius lets you communicate in your timeline with clients, vendors and venues (and if you need a refresher, just click here). 

But you might not know these additional tips and tricks that the Collaboration Features offer. 

So here’s how you can use the options for downloadable rights, icon indicators, and bulk item access in your timelines.

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