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All of our users are Timeline Geniuses, and inspire us with the work they do. Today we’d like to share Corinne Farinola’s STX Weddings.

With more than eight years of experience coordinating weddings and events, Corinne specializes in creating and coordinating her client’s dream destination weddings. Offering full-service, custom wedding planning on the beautiful island of St. Croix US Virgin Islands, Corinne caters to her clients every need.

My goal is to seamlessly align your wedding vision with my resources, creating your dream wedding, completely stress free.” 

Corinne shared this stunning destination wedding on the gorgeous St. Croix US Virgin Islands with us.

No passports needed.

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On using Timeline Genius, Corinne says, “I’m a BIG fan of using Timeline Genius. It makes the arduous task of creating a detailed timeline an effortless one. ” Her work is a perfect example of why we do what we do: so that talented planners like Corinne can have access to tools that make their complex jobs a little easier.

* Corinne Farinola- Full service luxury destination wedding planner
* Kelly Greer Photography at
* Louise Leard- Non-denomination Weddings from the heart Officiate-
* Beatrice Ramos-
* The Buccaneer Hotel and Resort

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