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WII 121: Master Your Budget with Cash Flow Management Tips from Danielle Hendon

According to this guest, if you’re a business owner who’s stressed about your budget or cash flow, then you’re not alone.  In fact, she’s sharing her expert tips about what you should do now in order to budget effectively.

Danielle Hendon is the founder and owner of 4 Corners CFO, LLC. Using her 10+ years in corporate finance/accounting, Danielle helps bring the benefit of “big business” financial analysis to entrepreneurs on a scale that fits their company and budget. Additionally, she has experience helping clients in the wedding industry improve their financial management.  

In this episode, Danielle talks about understanding and cushioning your cash flow so that you can effectively manage your budget throughout the entire year.

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How to be a Great CMO for Your Business

Before we dive in, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. You know, the “running a wedding business is hard work because you’re pulled in 50 directions at any moment in time” one? 

Okay—I said it, and now we can move on. 

But here’s why that’s so important to acknowledge: it’s hard to objectively wear all the hats you do and be responsible for so many things when it comes to your business. Because the hat you wear as “wedding planner” for your couples is just as important as the “bookkeeper” hat you wear for your business. But swapping hats all the time is tricky—one of them is bound to fall off your head at some point!

And one of the hats that falls off for a lot of wedding pros is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) hat. But it’s a super important one to pick back up when you’ve figured out you’ve misplaced it. So it’s time to step into your role as CMO.

Read on to learn about the impact you can have on your business when you become its CMO.

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