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Wednesday Wedding Wisdom, Part 2

Hello Timeline Geniuses!

Last week, we asked our OG Veronica what makes a timeline great.
This week, we want to ask:

What Are Some Rookie Mistakes?

Here comes Veronica with the wisdom, breaking down for us the 3 most common rookie missteps:

  1. Assumptions
    When it comes to the logistics of a wedding, nothing can be assumed! “Oh the ceremony chairs? I’m sure the venue will set those up!” Noo! This might result in you scrambling to set them up as guests file in and awkwardly wait for a seat. You have to actually ask, “Who is setting up the chairs? The caterer? The venue? The rental company?” And then confirm with each appropriate party. Every assumption comes with a possibility of miscommunication. Don’t leave anything to chance!

  2. Overlooked Details
    It’s easy to leave tasks out if one doesn’t fully visualize each step of the day. For example, you could schedule in “Cake Cutting” at 8pm, allocate 15 minutes to it, and not give it a second thought. Then on the day, the cake cutting will be announced, and the bride and groom will wander over to the cake, unsure of what to do, because the details were not properly attended. Where is the cake knife? Where are the cute little forks, the server, the cake plate? If instead of just jotting down “Cake Cutting”, you actually walk yourself through that event and visualize, you will realize – we need to assign who is setting out the cake knife, server, plate and forks, and when. We also need to make sure that there are two champagne glasses freshly filled so the bride and groom can toast right after! These little details will give you that picture perfect moment, and transitions as smooth as buttercream 🙂
  3. Not Enough “Buffer Time”
    Every wedding needs to have a margin of error, or what we call “buffer time”. Sometimes those buttons on a wedding dress can be really tricky. Sometimes hair and makeup gets held up by someone who’s particularly picky! Sometimes traffic gets awfully sticky! For any event that may have hold-ups, build in that buffer time. That way, if all goes well, the worst that can happen is you run early, or best of all, perfectly on time!


Thanks for the tips Veronica, and happy planning to all!