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WII 133 – Setting (& Changing!) Goals With Sam Jacobson

The direction of your business has likely changed over the years, but have you changed your goals? 

Many wedding planners are still strategizing based on goals they made years ago. Or, based on other people’s goals. 

It’s the New Year, and even if you’re not one to make resolutions, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your goals as a wedding entrepreneur. 

This week on Wedding Industry Insider podcast, sales and business expert Sam Jacobson shares great ideas to ensure your strategy and sales flow align with a completely up-to-date, true-to-you set of goals. 

Sam is the founder and co-owner of Ideaction Consulting, a firm offering business coaching, sales, marketing tools, and website copywriting for wedding pros who want to book high-quality (and high-paying) clients. 

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