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WII 085: Dixie Bagley Talks about How to Say “no” and Stand Your Ground

If you find it hard to say no, then you’re not alone. Especially in the event industry, it can be difficult to set boundaries, even when you deserve them. 

That’s why this guest shares the powerful way that she determines what she wants and says “no” when something isn’t right for her. 

Want to hear how you might apply the same strategy?

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Dixie Bagley is the Founder of The Southern Wedding Collective, a boutique online wedding marketplace, as well as Dixie Lee Events & Designs, an event coaching and consulting firm.  Additionally, she owns the wedding venue The Farm and co-owns a bakery called The Sweet Bar. She is also a certified wedding planner, mentor, and national speaker.

In this episode, Dixie talks about why it’s critical to say no to what isn’t right for you. Specifically, she shares how she gets clear on her no list in advance and effectively sets her boundaries. Ultimately, she explains how this approach benefits her business and creates the space for new opportunities.

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