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WII 128 – Andrea Liebross on the ‘Messy Middle’ of Entrepreneurship

You’re making strides in your wedding planning business, and it’s starting to look how you envisioned. But how does it feel?

Are you finding joy and balance in all aspects of your business?

Oftentimes, creative entrepreneurs see the profits they hoped for, get the bookings they wanted, and see growth in their business. But it feels off.

Maybe you’re burdened by the many roles you have to play as a business owner, or maybe there’s a feeling of guilt over the time you put into your work, or you simply feel stuck.

This is what Andrea Liebross calls the messy middle of entrepreneurship. Andrea is a life and business coach and author of She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and Into the Extraordinary.” She was kind enough to join us on this week’s episode to talk about this tough time that happens to most entrepreneurs.

The good news? It’s totally possible to move through this time and find the growth and freedom you envision for yourself (and your business!).

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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 126: A Marketing Strategy in Minutes with Tayler Cusick Hollman

Tayler Cusick Hollman, founder of Enji

You know marketing is essential to your wedding planning business. But hiring a pro may be out of reach, and figuring it out on your own can be overwhelming.

That’s where Tayler Cusick Hollman comes in. Her program Enji helps small business owners develop a customized marketing strategy in minutes. It takes out the guesswork, fatigue, and expense of this daunting (yet critical) task.

In Tayler’s words, Enji makes it “stupid easy and fast” to make a custom marketing strategy that you can implement right away.

The best part? Tayler’s background working as a marketing strategist for wedding planners means Enji is ideal for pros just like you.

On today’s episode of Wedding Industry Insider, Tayler shares her wisdom about mindset for small business owners and then offers a step-by-step crash course on marketing. You’re going to love her insight.

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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 115: Sunna Yassin and Mollie Jones Share the Success Mindset You Need

Experienced in making exquisite events feel seamless, these founders have gained their business a rep for being “the nexus of matrimonial cool”. Which is why we’re delighted to share with you their insights about the best ways to go after your own success.

Sunna Yassin and Mollie Jones are the owners of Bash Please, a full-service creative event production company based in California. Named a top planner by BRIDES, Bash Please is a leader in designing events that intentionally and artistically reflect each couple. Known for incorporating precise and sophisticated aesthetic elements, Sunna and Mollie produce weddings and events internationally. Bash Please is also recognized in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, and Carats & Cake.

In this episode, Sunna and Mollie reflect on how their corporate backgrounds helped them establish and grow their award-winning business. Specifically, they talk about the mindset and principles that will empower you.

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Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

WII 076: Elizabeth Priya Kumar Inspires You to Crush Fear with This Game-changing Mindset

Do you question what your clients might think of the real you? Or study others to figure out what you should do? Are you curious to hear how this guest faced these same questions but then rejected this way of thinking?

Then be sure to hit play – because this episode is one you don’t want to miss!

Elizabeth Priya Kumar is the Founder and CEO of Premini Events, an award-winning event planning and creative service agency. With offices in both NYC and Los Angeles, Priya has over a decade of experience in producing luxury weddings around the world. In addition, the Wedding International Planners Association named her the 2019 Planner of the Year.

Currently, Priya serves on the Board of Directors for the NYC Chapter of the Wedding Industry Professionals Association. Her work has also been featured in countless publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Town & Country, BRIDES, The New York Times, Refinery29, Party Slate, South Asian Bride Magazine, TLC’s Four Weddings, Strictly Weddings, and The Knot.

In this episode, Priya shares how truly being herself has shaped her company. Specifically, she talks about the mindset of belief, surrender, and gratitude that fuels her success.

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