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WII 144 – Stop Comparing and Start Standing Out with Heidi Thompson

You know that it’s best to bring your most authentic self to your wedding planning business, but you also have to present yourself in a way that will attract your ideal clients. 

So, be truly yourself… but also who your clients want you to be. If that sounds jumbled and complicated, this week’s Wedding Industry Insider is perfect for you. 

We’ve got Wedding Business Strategist Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business with us, and she’s sharing the best ways to strike a balance between authenticity and alluring marketing. Soon, you’ll be highlighting your most genuine (and most unique!) skills that will stand out to wedding clients. 

Heidi has fantastic advice for standing out to the best clients without getting bogged down by comparisons, complicated analytics, and inauthentic marketing strategies. Don’t worry, you still get to be yourself, but in a way that shows you’re exactly who wedding clients need!

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WII 142 – Jessica Carrillo on Repelling Clients and Following Your Passion

Do you want to attract wedding clients that spark your creativity and fuel your passion? Then you need to be ready to repel clients too. 

That can be tough to accept, especially for planners who are trying to grow their business. But there’s no way you can be the right fit for every single couple. And when you book the right clients (and avoid the wrong ones!), you’ll find your business grows in ways that feed your soul and showcase your unique skills. 

Want proof? We’ve got it this week on the Wedding Industry Insider podcast! Eddie is sitting down with Jessica Carrillo of Art & Soul Events. Jessica specializes in expressive weddings with a nontraditional flair, so she’s got incredible insights into attracting unique, perfect-fit clients.

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WII 139 – An Advertising Plan That Pays Off with Mark Chapman

You’re eager for new clients (or at least the right clients) – so you’re ready to start paying for advertising. But seeing real results is way more complicated than throwing a few bucks toward social media ads. 

So how do you know if you’re ready to start advertising, and how do you make sure that your investment pays off? 

To get the best answers, we’re talking to Mark Chapman, president of The I Do Society. He’s a pro at online advertising, and he’s got great advice to make sure you don’t start advertising too soon (or do it the wrong way!).

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WII 137 – How to Use Data to Drive Growth with Shauna Smith

You’re putting a lot of energy into marketing your business and delivering an amazing service for couples. But how do you know if your efforts are resonating the way you want them to? 

Wedding planning is an emotionally driven career, requiring lots of creativity and passion. That often means pros miss out on an essential part of building success: data analytics

If analyzing data feels like a huge, impossible task, then this episode of Wedding Industry Insider Podcast is for you. We’re joined by Shauna Smith, Director of Business-to-Business Marketing for The Knot Worldwide, and she’s sharing fantastic advice for using data to scale and grow your wedding planning business. 

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WII 126: A Marketing Strategy in Minutes with Tayler Cusick Hollman

Tayler Cusick Hollman, founder of Enji

You know marketing is essential to your wedding planning business. But hiring a pro may be out of reach, and figuring it out on your own can be overwhelming.

That’s where Tayler Cusick Hollman comes in. Her program Enji helps small business owners develop a customized marketing strategy in minutes. It takes out the guesswork, fatigue, and expense of this daunting (yet critical) task.

In Tayler’s words, Enji makes it “stupid easy and fast” to make a custom marketing strategy that you can implement right away.

The best part? Tayler’s background working as a marketing strategist for wedding planners means Enji is ideal for pros just like you.

On today’s episode of Wedding Industry Insider, Tayler shares her wisdom about mindset for small business owners and then offers a step-by-step crash course on marketing. You’re going to love her insight.

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WII 124 – Branding (in 4 Simple Steps!) with Kaleigh Wiese

Kaleigh Wiese - Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

“Your brand is your reputation. 

For some wedding planners, branding is one of the most fun parts of being a creative entrepreneur. But for others, it seems like a daunting, out-of-reach process.

No matter where you are with your branding, today’s episode is for you!

Kaleigh Wiese is a brand strategist who has worked with creative small businesses for 20 years. She aims to help entrepreneurs (especially those in the wedding industry) find and embrace their “innate uniqueness.” Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, New York Times, Fortune, and Martha Stewart Weddings; and she has been a featured guest at events and workshops across the country. 

Eddie and Kaleigh discuss the start-to-finish process for branding, including a four-step guide for establishing or fine-tuning your company image.

We’re really excited about this conversation, because while branding always comes up in our podcast, this is our first episode focusing entirely on this vital aspect of entrepreneurship. 

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How to be a Great CMO for Your Business

Before we dive in, we have to talk about the elephant in the room. You know, the “running a wedding business is hard work because you’re pulled in 50 directions at any moment in time” one? 

Okay—I said it, and now we can move on. 

But here’s why that’s so important to acknowledge: it’s hard to objectively wear all the hats you do and be responsible for so many things when it comes to your business. Because the hat you wear as “wedding planner” for your couples is just as important as the “bookkeeper” hat you wear for your business. But swapping hats all the time is tricky—one of them is bound to fall off your head at some point!

And one of the hats that falls off for a lot of wedding pros is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) hat. But it’s a super important one to pick back up when you’ve figured out you’ve misplaced it. So it’s time to step into your role as CMO.

Read on to learn about the impact you can have on your business when you become its CMO.

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WII 117: Sara McCall on Building a Reputation That Gets the Attention of Your Clients

While this guest booked her first wedding for $450 and used her mom as free labor, today her company grosses 1.5 million a year. To hear more, click play to tune in!

Sara McCall is the Founder & CEO of Stunning and Brilliant Events, a luxury, full-service wedding and event planning company. Motivated to empower other women, she has grown Stunning and Brilliant Events into 9 successful franchise locations across the U.S. Together, she and her team have planned over 1000 weddings in the last 11 years. In addition, Stunning and Brilliant Events has made the Best of The Knot Weddings for over a decade.

On top of her own background in corporate events and B.A. in Graphic Design, she’s had the privilege of learning from industry leaders including David Tutera and Breston Bailey. Sara is also an industry educator with recent speaking appearances at Event Source and Wedding MBA. 

In this episode, Sara talks about how her marketing perspective influences her business decisions and shares what you can do to better reach your audience.

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WII 109: The Marketing Secret to Use in Your Messaging – with Kate Storey

Today’s guest first joined us in Episode 79 to share 4 steps to increase website conversions. Now, she’s back to help you create and market your unique story.

Kate Storey and her husband Nick are co-owners of Book More Brides, a marketing firm that specializes in helping wedding planners attract and book their ideal client couples. Kate is a digital marketing specialist, copywriter, and social media expert. Additionally, she is the host of The Book More Brides Podcast

In this episode, Kate breaks down the common problems with messaging. These include sounding like competitors, which leads customers to go by price, and presenting product details rather than emotional needs. Specifically, she illustrates why knowing your story is what makes your marketing efforts work without being forced. Read More “WII 109: The Marketing Secret to Use in Your Messaging – with Kate Storey”