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WII 144 – Stop Comparing and Start Standing Out with Heidi Thompson

You know that it’s best to bring your most authentic self to your wedding planning business, but you also have to present yourself in a way that will attract your ideal clients. 

So, be truly yourself… but also who your clients want you to be. If that sounds jumbled and complicated, this week’s Wedding Industry Insider is perfect for you. 

We’ve got Wedding Business Strategist Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business with us, and she’s sharing the best ways to strike a balance between authenticity and alluring marketing. Soon, you’ll be highlighting your most genuine (and most unique!) skills that will stand out to wedding clients. 

Heidi has fantastic advice for standing out to the best clients without getting bogged down by comparisons, complicated analytics, and inauthentic marketing strategies. Don’t worry, you still get to be yourself, but in a way that shows you’re exactly who wedding clients need!

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