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WII 128 – Andrea Liebross on the ‘Messy Middle’ of Entrepreneurship

You’re making strides in your wedding planning business, and it’s starting to look how you envisioned. But how does it feel?

Are you finding joy and balance in all aspects of your business?

Oftentimes, creative entrepreneurs see the profits they hoped for, get the bookings they wanted, and see growth in their business. But it feels off.

Maybe you’re burdened by the many roles you have to play as a business owner, or maybe there’s a feeling of guilt over the time you put into your work, or you simply feel stuck.

This is what Andrea Liebross calls the messy middle of entrepreneurship. Andrea is a life and business coach and author of She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and Into the Extraordinary.” She was kind enough to join us on this week’s episode to talk about this tough time that happens to most entrepreneurs.

The good news? It’s totally possible to move through this time and find the growth and freedom you envision for yourself (and your business!).

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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of a Virtual Tour

If you’re a wedding planner, then you’re likely managing a packed schedule. Which is why it makes sense to wonder, is getting a demo worth the time?

Although it can be tempting to think otherwise, the answer is yes.

So, why should you take advantage of getting a virtual tour with Timeline Genius? 

Here are 5 reasons why a virtual tour is worth it.

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