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WII 134 – Leah Weinberg on Contracts and Breaking Up With Clients

Your wedding planning business is taking off. You’re doing the work you love, grasping the business side of things, and finding some work/life balance. Then it all comes crashing down with one single client. 

If you haven’t had a problem client yet, you likely will encounter one soon. And it’s not that they are bad people, or even universally bad clients. They just aren’t a fit for how you do business. Now they’re bringing you down, giving you extra work, and chipping away at your profits. It’s time to break up with them. 

What is your exit plan?

On this week’s episode of Wedding Industry Insider, we’re talking with Leah Weinberg of the law firm Oduberg, which offers legal services for entrepreneurs in New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Washington, D.C.

Leah is a real treasure for us because she is an experienced lawyer who also worked as a wedding planner for 10 years. So she’s able to give us practical advice for navigating contracts, dealing with difficult clients, and managing entrepreneurship. 

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