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[New Feature]: Improved Assignment Feature for Tailored Timelines


assigning vendors to wedding day timeline items

Timeline Genius now lets you fully customize the tailored timelines for your vendors, venues, and wedding party! 🎉

One of the key benefits of our software is that it helps you build trust and make the right impression on your clients and vendors. And one way you can do that is by easily giving them a tailored version of the timeline that just shows the items they need to see.

Well now, those tailored timelines can include text sections, contact sections, and any other part of the timeline you want.

Wanna include the floor plan on a tailored timeline for your caterer? Or wanna include the Wedding Party Contacts section on your photographer’s tailored timeline? That’s all a cinch now.

To see the new and improved tailored timeline features in action, just check out the video below…

We hope these new features help you stand out and shine like the rock stars you are!

​Stay tuned for what’s coming next. 👀

Timeline Genius

How to Use the Assign Feature to Create Tailored Timelines for Vendors, Venues, or Clients

Wish you could create tailored timelines for specific vendors, venues, clients, or even bridal party members? The great news is that with Timeline Genius you can!

So you can go from spending hours creating individual timelines for collaborators or clients (nobody has time for that!) to using the Assign Feature to easily produce tailored timelines.

Additionally, whenever you make edits, your timelines update in real-time. So, if you make an adjustment to your main timeline, it will similarly reflect any changes in all of your tailored timelines. 

As a result, you can make individualized timelines for anyone you wish! 

Just check out the way the Assign Feature supports timeline creation and how you can use it in your planning.

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