Make the Most of Your Time with Concrete Strategies to Surive, Drive, and Thrive!

Over the last few weeks, I've spoken with a lot of people in the wedding and event industry who are deeply concerned about how COVID-19 is affecting their business. 

I hear people asking, how am I going to survive this? Am I going to be ok? I know I should be working 'on my business' right now, but what, specifically, should I be doing?

These questions and concerns are understandable because this is an uncertain time for all of us. The good news is that you can take action to survive this time, drive forward, and even thrive! 

That’s why I sat down with Angela Profitt, Productivity Consultant, Celebrity Wedding & Event Planner, and Founder of GSD Creative, to talk about the actions you can take to create positive results for yourself and your business.

These are the concrete strategies you can use right now to Survive, Drive and Thrive!


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Communication is the Key to Surviving Challenging Times.

The first thing Angela and I talk about is how to survive through times like this one. Here’s what you can do:

1. Overcommunicate and Be Visible

The most important thing you can do right now is to stay visible through consistent communication with your current and potential clients. This includes being vulnerable and sharing how you’re feeling. Don’t let people wonder if you’re going to stay in business. Get on social media. Stay healthily informed, and provide updates and information to show how you’re navigating the issues we’re all facing. This will reassure your client base and maintain a sense of connection.

2. Be a Guiding Voice

Put yourself and your image out there so that people who are looking for answers will turn to you. Get on social media. Use new apps like Marco Polo to interact virtually, and show them that you are steadfast and resilient. They'll see that you are not going anywhere and that you're engaged.

3. Know Your Client Well Enough to Provide Real Solutions

So much of what gets us through challenges is psychological. When things are scary and hard, we might wonder what we could possibly do to make something better or keep going. That’s when we can benefit from thinking outside the box and exploring new ways to solve problems. For example, Angela did this recently for a corporate client who couldn't hold their scheduled event. By listening to what they needed and by thinking big, Angela came up with a way to hold the event virtually rather than cancel. As a result, they included more people than they could have in person, sold more products, and even gained additional sponsors.

Difficult Roads Lead to beautiful destinatons

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"Surround yourself with the right people, and make sure that you are collaborating together."

Mindset is the Key to Driving Forward.

The second thing we talk about in our interview is how to have the right mindset to drive through hardship.

Under the weight of the challenges we're all facing, it can be easy to sink into despair. So, while it might sound simple, the best thing we can do to drive ourselves forward is to practice having a positive mindset. Here’s what you can try:

1. Focus on What Is Positive

Surround yourself with the right people, and ground yourself in a positive outlook. For example, numerous classes and resources that are normally expensive are free right now! Look for the good, and you might be surprised by what you find.

2. Seize the Opportunity

Work smarter, not harder. Be proactive, and come up with new ideas that are better and more efficient. Maybe try a treadmill desk, or other unconventional health and productivity hacks. Adapt and drive yourself to try new things.

3. Look on the Bright Side

When we put on the right set of glasses, we can always see the good in challenging situations. That’s not to minimize the adversity and struggles that everyone is facing, . Rather, it’s to say that we have the ability to choose what we put our focus and attention on, and we can choose to be beacons of light and positivity.

4. Practice Gratitude

Being grateful is a game-changer. We can dwell on what is not working, or we can shift our thinking with new habits. Practicing gratitude helps us be more aware and even have more energy throughout the day. It doesn't take a lot of time, either, to practice daily. You can keep a gratitude journal, and write down three things you're grateful for. Or, you can set aside a specific time for abundance check-ins. When we stay positive inside, we create opportunity around us.

Systems Are the Key to Thriving.

The third thing we talk about is how to thrive now - and when things get back in full swing. 

It’s helpful to remember that this time is temporary, and it’s going to pass. How we use our time now will influence where we find ourselves when it does. The important question is, in order to thrive, what kind of systems and processes should you be engineering and honing? The answer is really to organize, backup, and streamline your business in order to safeguard information and optimize efficiency.

Here are steps you can take:

1. Don't Believe the Time Myth

The number one thing that most people say keeps them from backing up or organizing is not having enough time. Well, now we do! Use this time to secure your records, and make it easy to find archived content. Set up your Google Cloud Storage. Create multiple layers of backup with a local drive plus additional electronic storage sources like Carbonite. These options are secure from human error (like an intern dropping a hard drive) and from natural disaster (floods and fire will obliterate your manila file folder system).

2. Use Technology to Invest in Yourself

From paid (17Hats) to free (Calendly, FB Studio), there are so many options! Force yourself to learn something new that’s going to benefit your business, and teach yourself how to use the software you decide on. Then, as you bring people on board, you’ll have a working system in place. And use this time to nail the basics. At Timeline Genius, we even created a 3-hour master course that you can take to become a certified expert at creating wedding day timelines.

3. Assess and Automate

Re-evaluate existing systems for ROI. Do this for any current software, and learn the details. Now is the time to set up automation. There’s never one system that does it all, for any business. The trick is to create your own constellation of platforms that allows you to run your business in the best possible way.

4. Get Financially Savvy

Assess your financial systems, and do some forecasting. Know your numbers (whether you have an accountant or use Quickbooks). It will help you know where and what to invest in your business management systems.

5. Reward Yourself

Maybe it’s a little different (a bubble bath at home instead of a pedicure at the spa), but let yourself relax and recharge. Sometimes, it’s when we’re forced to figure out a different way that we find a new passion and new spark.

There's always opportunity in front of us if we choose to look for it! 

The bottom line is that events will eventually start happening again. At the moment, the best thing we can do is make the most of how we use our time each day. 

So, take these strategies, and put them to work for you.

In the meantime, let’s spend our precious time in the right way to benefit our businesses and each other. Be the light, and let us know how we can help you survive, drive, and thrive!

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Eddie Babbage
Founder and CEO of Timeline Genius, a software company dedicated to revolutionizing the way wedding and event professionals create event day timelines. In addition to his work on Timeline Genius, Eddie is the host of the Wedding Industry Insider podcast, which provides interviews and insights from top figures in the wedding industry.