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NEW FEATURES: Upload and Share Files with Your Timelines

increase-productivity-computers-laptopsI have some exciting news to share today…. [drumroll please]

Timeline Genius now lets you upload and share files as attachments to your timelines!

We added this feature so that you — and your vendors, clients, and team — will have an easy way to access the files related to a timeline, all subject to your control 😉

So let’s say you have a floor plan that goes with a timeline… or maybe you have atablescape image that you want certain vendors to see… Now you can simply upload those files as attachments to a timeline, and you can grant file access to specific clients, vendors, or venues as you wish.

This means no more searching for the files on your hard drive, and no more emailing back and forth to request files when you need them!

To see your new File Management Features in action, just check out the video below.

Drag and Drop Contacts
As with every other feature we’ve developed, we hope the new File Management Features help you work with greater ease and professionalism.

We’re not stoppin’ until your timelines are so easy that you feel like you’ve got a magic wand! 🙂