[New Feature]: Use the Clipboard for a Better Way to Copy & Paste Timeline Items


Timeline Genius now helps you save an entire item or section from one timeline to your clipboard and then paste into another.

The Clipboard Feature lets you copy, rename, and drop items between timelines. Which makes it easier to create industry-leading timelines in less time!

This highly requested feature gives you a better way to copy & paste items between timelines.

For example, you might want to adapt a floorplan that you’ve used previously.

So, you can go to the original timeline, click the three dots on the floorplan section of the timeline, and save it to your Clipboard. Next, you can name the item, such as “Floorplan”, before going to the timeline where you want to place it. Simply click “Add” and select the “Clipboard Item” you want to insert.  Then, you can re-order the timeline items according to your preference.

You can also choose to keep or remove any vendors assigned to the original item or section. This way, you can carry over any assigned party or add new ones (for when you create a Tailored Timeline).

To see the new Clipboard Feature in action, just click the video below!

As a better way to create the same item from one timeline in a different timeline, the Clipboard Feature lets you save as many clipboard items as you would like! This way, you’ll be able to save an entire item or section and then easily drop it in the new timelines you’re creating.

And stay tuned: we’re always rollin’ out new features to help you make customized timelines in less time! #the-mission-continues