New Feature

New Feature: Major Upgrade to Your Tailored Timelines

Timeline Genius Upgrade


​Timeline Genius now lets you seamlessly create tailored timelines for ALL key players in your weddings and events!

You’ve been using Timeline Genius to build trust and make the right impression on everybody who sees your work. One key benefit of the software is easily giving each person a tailored version of the timeline that shows only the items they need to see.  

Now you can generate tailored timelines for an even wider range of people ー clients, vendors, venues, your team members, and wedding party members (individually or as a group!).

You also now have the ability to show or hide any timeline item on your full timeline. This gives you total flexibility and control. 

So let’s say you want to give a tailored timeline to the mother of the bride… Or maybe hide an item on your full timeline that’s supposed to be a surprise… That’s all a cinch now!

To see the new and improved tailored timeline features in action, just check out the video below…

We hope these new tailored timeline features help you stand out and shine like the rock stars you are!

We are So, So Grateful for the privilege of serving you. And we’ve got some AMAZING new features coming your way very soon, so stay tuned!