New Feature

[New Feature] Save Time with More Travel Time Magic


Timeline Genius now lets you automatically factor in any travel times from preparation venues to ceremony and/or reception venues for the members of the wedding party!

Basically, our Travel Time Magic Feature helps you easily and accurately manage the various travel times that affect your whole timeline.

As a result, you can enter any locations and travel times upfront. Then, the Genius Feature will make all the necessary adjustments to your timeline for you!

In other words, you may have to account for different departure and arrival times for different members of the wedding party. Perhaps you need to account for the travel time to and from the First Look.  Or, you may have a bride or groom who is getting ready at another location and must travel to the ceremony venue.

Regardless of which travel times are needed, they must be right.

So, this Travel Time Magic feature automatically calculates, arranges, and filters any travel time adjustments through the entire timeline.

To see your new Travel Time Magic feature in action, just check out the video below.

The Travel Time Magic Feature makes it simple to keep track of all wedding party travel times. It means less calculations for you to make and more time for you to do what you do best!

And we’ve got more exciting features coming your way in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!