Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Save Major Time Emailing Out Your Timelines


You can now email your timelines out from directly within Timeline Genius!

This new feature will save you major time because you no longer have to go through the process of downloading your timelines… then signing into your email account… then attaching the timeline PDF files, etc.

Now, all you have to do is select the Email option in Timeline Genius. And with a few button clicks, you can send out whatever versions of the timeline you want to any of your clients, vendors, venues, wedding party, or whomever.

The emails all go out with your company’s name and branding, not ours. You can even add a personal note if that’s your style 😉

We kept it clean, simple, and efficient. So you can breeze through your workflow and put your time and energy into other important parts of your business.

To see your new Timeline Email Feature in action, just check out the video below.

I should also mention that you still have the option of downloading your timelines on Timeline Genius. So when you want to print out a copy, or just have it as a file on your computer, that’s a cinch 😉

We hope this new email feature helps you work with greater efficiency, confidence, and professionalism. And we are so incredibly grateful for the privilege of serving you!

Stay tuned, because we’ve got some other exciting updates coming soon!



P.S. If you still haven’t tried Timeline Genius out, it’s time to get with the program 🙂 Seriously, just send an email to our Account Development Manager, Brooke Bowenschulte (brooke@timelinegenius.com), to book your free personal tour. That small investment of time could transform your business and the way you work!