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[New Feature] Manage Collaboration with Max Efficiency


Are you ready for the first new feature announcement of 2020?

Timeline Genius now lets you collaborate with max efficiency by setting access rights for multiple timeline items AND multiple collaborators at once!

As you know, our goal is to help you shine like a rock star. So Timeline Genius lets you invite your clients, vendors, and venues to access your timelines online. And you can manage each person’s access rights on an item-by-item basis (making items ‘viewable’, ‘hidden’, or ‘editable’).

Now, with the new feature, you can breeze through the process of setting access rights for all of your collaborators. So let’s say you have a group of timelines items that you want to hide from all of your vendors. No sweat! Just select all your vendors, select those items, and set the access rights to ‘hidden’. Done 🙂

To see a quick tutorial on this new time-saving feature, just check out the video below.


We hope this new feature helps you sail into 2020 with greater ease and efficiency!

We’re SO EXCITED about the promise this new year holds. And we’re deeply honored and grateful for the privilege of helping you work toward your dreams!

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