Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Make Grid Lines on Your Timeline


Get ready for a series of new feature updates over the next couple weeks because we’ve been busy improving the site for you!

Today, I want to announce a new feature that lets you show (or hide) grid lines on your timelines! (We added the new grid line option as a setting in your Preferences section.)

Over the years, we’ve gotten a number of requests for this feature… Some of you used to create your timelines in Excel or Google Sheets (before you discovered the magic of Timeline Genius :D). So if you find yourself missing grid lines on your timelines, you can add them back now.

To see a quick tutorial on the new grid lines feature, just check out the video below.

This new feature is just another way that Timeline Genius lets you express your own unique style, creativity, and professionalism.

So if grid lines are your thang, enjoy! And keep on shinin’ like the rock star you are 🙂