New Feature

[New Feature]: Streamlined Editing from Every Timeline View


Timeline Genius now lets you make edits in any timeline view!

As you may know, our TG software gives you four planning views: Edit, Assign, Collaborate, and Remind. Previously, you could only make changes from within Edit. But now the Enhanced Editing Feature allows you to simply click and make edits from any view!

So, regardless of which timeline function you’re using, you can make any changes right then and there – without having to go back to the edit view.

Whether you’re working in your Assign View, creating tailored timelines for your vendors…

Or if you’re in your Remind View, setting up text reminders to go out on the wedding day…

Or even if you’re in your Collaborate View, managing your online communications with vendors and clients…

Now, regardless of where you are or which work stream you’re in, you have access to the full array of Timeline Genius editing features.

Easy. Efficient. Streamlined.

To see your new Enhanced Editing Feature in action, just check out the video below.


The Enhanced Editing Feature makes it easier than ever to seamlessly edit your way to customized timelines!

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we’ve got some more major announcements coming soon!