New Feature

[New Feature]: Easily Duplicate Timeline Items and Text Sections


Timeline Genius now lets you duplicate timeline items and text sections!

Our Item Duplicate feature will let you duplicate one contact record and use its information to create another one.

This requested feature allows you easily duplicate items in your timeline. Because your timeline might have repetitive info that occurs at different times.

So, instead of having to copy one item before creating a new one, and then pasting in content… Now you don’t have to retype or even copy & paste

Instead, just click the three dots nots next to your timeline item, and you can choose to delete or duplicate it. 

And it works for timeline items or text sections you created yourself! 

To see the new Item Duplicate Feature in action, just click the video below!

All told, the Item Duplication Feature is another way you can efficiently make customized timelines in less time.

And remember, we’ve got more exciting features coming your way in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!