New Feature

[New Feature] Customize Your Timelines with Page Breaks


Timeline Genius now lets you customize your timelines by adding page breaks before your sections!

Essentially, our Section Page Break Feature lets you determine the order of your timeline sections and choose whether or not they start on a new page.

We know you have your own way of working and crafting your timelines, which includes separating content to maintain organization.   For example, you may like to show your vendors’ contact information at the top of your timeline. Or you may like to include your floor plans at the bottom.

So, we’ve given you the ability to decide where page breaks occur.

To see your new Section Page Break Feature in action, just check out the video below.

The Section Page Break Feature makes it simple to keep your timelines organized, clean, and, as always, customizable!

And we’ve got more exciting features coming your way in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!