Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Collaborate with Confidence Using “View As”


We just rolled out another new feature for you!

You can now preview your timeline as any of your collaborators before you invite them!

As you know, Timeline Genius makes collaborating with your clients, venues, and vendors a piece of (wedding) cake. You can invite them to view and edit a timeline, and even hide any items you don’t want them to see.

So let’s say you want to invite your bride to view the timeline, but you need to make sure she can’t see the surprise her groom has planned… No sweat! In the Collaborate Tab you can select View As to view the timeline as if you’re the bride. Then you confirm that the surprise item is hidden, invite her to the timeline, and you’re all set!

With this handy new feature, you can know exactly what your collaborators will see before you give them access to the timeline.

Check out the tutorial video below to see the new feature in action.


We hope this new feature helps you collaborate with more confidence than ever.

Keep shining out there and doing your thing! And we’ll keep rolling out the exciting new features for you!