Timeline Genius

NEW FEATURE: Collaborate Better with New Comments Features

As you know, Timeline Genius lets you collaborate on your events in an unprecedented way. You can invite your clients, vendors, and venues to access timelines online, and you can control their access rights on an item-by-item basis.

Well now, you have even more flexibility when you’re collaborating because you can edit and delete your comments to timeline items.

So let’s say you post a comment for your client or for a vendor and then later decide to change it (maybe to fix a typo or to include an update). It’s easy to make the desired revision. You just click on the comment, and edit it to your liking.

To see a tutorial for editing and deleting your collaboration comments, you can check out the video below.



We hope these new features help you work with greater freedom and efficiency. And we’ve got more exciting features coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!