Timeline Genius

[New Feature] All Your Vendor Files in One Place


Timeline Genius now lets you upload files for the contacts in your rolodex!

We added this new feature to give you a quick and easy way to access all of the important files for your vendors, venues, and clients 😉

So let’s say you have a rate card that you often reference for a photographer… or maybe you have a standard contract for a venue, or insurance documents for a vendor… Now you can simply upload the relevant files in your Timeline Genius rolodex and conveniently access them whenever the need arises!

This means no more searching on your hard drive or digging through emails to find the files you need. You’re organized, efficient, and on top of your game.

To see your new Rolodex File Management Feature in action, just check out the video below.


We hope this new feature helps you work with greater efficiency, confidence, and professionalism.

Stay positive out there Timeline Geniuses! And be on the lookout for other exciting new features and updates coming soon!